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By: Laurence Coldicott, Senior Content Director, FinTech Connect

Why is London So Suited To Fintech

Over the past few months the news has been dominated by the B word. We have witnessed a political stalemate that has embarrassed a country previously known for its economic pragmatism. But, all is not lost. The fintech industry in London has continued to show record levels of investment and growth; being driven since the start of the year by positive news coming out of the key players including OakNorth, Monzo and Nutmeg.

By: Kai Nicol-Schwarz, Content Manager, FinTech Connect

The Fintech Dictionary

You don’t want your mates Nan dropping the term “distributed ledger technology” into conversation, only to be left staring dimly out the window whilst you attempt to untangle the word from the rest of the vocabulary your brain has filed as “unnecessary in layman’s society.” To avoid you the embarrassment, here’s a catalogue of the fintech canon.

By: Kai Nicol-Schwarz, Content Manager, FinTech Connect

FinTech Connects with… Iryna Agieieva, Senior Product Manager Payments,

During our PayTech Connect Advisory Board meeting in early April, I caught up with Iryna Agieieva, the Senior Product Manager Payments for I fired a few payment specific questions at her, covering strong customer authentication, alternative payment methods and open banking. With years of experience in online payments, alternative payment methods and payment flow optimisation, she was pretty well placed to give us the merchant perspective.

By: Laurence Coldicott, Senior Content Director, FinTech Connect.

Fintech for Good – OakNorth show the Incumbents how it’s done

OakNorth is one of the more well-known of a number of new British fintechs that have attracted both investors and customers in the past few years. There has been a huge buzz around several other British fintechs - though, as the figures show, OakNorth has led the way in putting together a sustainable business model, as well as making efforts to use fintech 'for good'. 

By: Laurence Coldicott, Senior Content Director, FinTech Connect

Interview: Nick Kerigan, Managing Director, Future Payments, Barclaycard

This week we bring you an interview with advisory board member Nick Kerigan, MD, Future Payments, Barclaycard. Nick leads Barclaycard's innovation strategy. Here, he gives his thoughts and predictions for payment technology in the months ahead.

By: Kai Nicol-Schwarz, Content Manager, FinTech Connect

The (Payment) War of Succession

Cash has died without a clear heir. Whilst plastic is acting regent the noble families of the alternative payment landscape battle for the crown of commerce. The mobile wallet, Open Banking and cryptocurrency have the strongest claims, and in the melee of technological advance, one will emerge victorious. 

By: Kai Nicol-Schwarz, Content Manager, FinTech Connect

FinTech Connects with...Ed Adshead-Grant, Bottomline Technologies

"Some of the more inventive uses of Open Banking, which we have not seen or thought of yet, will start to emerge in 2019. The backbone of Open Banking will support the NPA changes ahead, where everything is assumed to be real time and accessible at any time from any device."

By: Laurence Coldicott, Senior Content Director at FinTech Connect.

Championing Women in FinTech

Fintech is full of inspiring women. Strong leaders, who have had the tenacity to succeed and challenge the status quo.

We have the honour of having a number of these incredible fintech leaders on the FinTech Connect Advisory board, supporting and advising on the development of this year’s agenda.

In this article for International Women's Day, I would like to showcase three of them: