2019 SNAPSHOT: 6019 Attendees

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As the dust settles on FinTech Connect 2019, we’d like to take this opportunity to reel off a few self-gratifying statistics.

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I know what you’re thinking, Mark Twain said “there are lies, damned lies and statistics.” But hold on there, Mark, we’ve also got testimonials from those present, eyewitness accounts of the buzzing exhibition floor, and photos. Lots of photos.


In this case, statistics provide an additional layer of harmony to the tune we’re playing on that trumpet of ours.

There’s been a great deal of uncertainty in the past couple of years what with that Brexit business hanging over our heads, but fintech is still on the up in the capital. Investment hasn’t waned, major UK fintechs are booming and – here’s another statistic for you – FinTech Connect saw a 31% increase in attendance on the 2018 event. When the shutters came down on the 4 December, we had seen 6019 attendees stroll through our doors.

FinTech Connect played host to attendees from 81 countries, with a third of our audience from outside the UK. We’ve gone pretty global. That’s a good sign, especially with our first event overseas, FinTech Connect Toronto, just around the corner.


A third of the audience at FinTech Connect London came from financial institutions and there were 342 investors on site too. Some of the major FIs were really into us. Barclays registered a delegation of 117, Lloyds registered 58 and HSBC 53. Merchants were out in force this year too with the likes of Shell, EasyJet, Marks and Spencer and Paddy Power proving that fintech is now part of the broader corporate world.

"Two days of great discussions and pushing the boundaries of fintech. We would like to thank FinTech Connect for the great event and all delegates we met!"

We had rock star presentations from the likes of Anne Boden of Starling Bank, Jacqueline Chilton of Ticketmaster, Josh Fernandes, Head of Open Banking at Revolut and Lisa Frazier, EVP Head of Innovation from Wells Fargo. A big thank you to them and the other 300 speakers who contributed to the success of this year’s show.


So here’s to a successful 2019 event. A massive thanks to those who came to see the show, our commercial partners who made the exhibition floor so happening and our speakers who set the stages on fire. Not literally. We’re proud to say not once did we have to call the fire brigade.

"We've met with hundreds of interesting people and attended scores of insightful discussions, and can't wait to do it all again next year!"

Hopefully we’ll see you again as we move into North America on 20-21 May for FinTech Connect Toronto, and for your wintery fintech boost on 2-3 December at our London event. 2020’s shaping up to be an exciting one.

View the FinTech Connect post-show snapshot

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