Neo-banks, incumbents, fintechs and merchants set to meet this December

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There’s less than one month to go until the UK’s biggest fintech event opens its doors to the baying throngs of fintech obsessed merchants, financial institutions and solutions providers.

On 3-4 December, FinTech Connect returns to London for its fifth year. More delegates, more first class tech exhibitors and more thought leading conference content than ever before comes to FinTech Connect 2019.

Following a similar format to previous editions, FinTech Connect is made up of five co-located conferences. Four theme specific tracks in PayTech, RegTech, Blockchain, Digital Transformation and the invite only FinTech Founders Forum bring the fintech ecosystem under one roof.

As people begin their Christmas tree shopping and your mum starts frantically searching for her posh bauble collection, we bring the industry’s leading lights together in a fintech oasis away from the chaos of Christmas. Neobanks, incumbents, fintechs and merchants will converge on the ExCeL London this December, as the ecosystem deep dives and discusses the lay of the land.

At the beginning of preparations, in January, we set a major focus of ours as the output of quality content all year round, up to and including the endpoint that is FinTech Connect. We wanted to position ourselves not just as industry thought facilitators, but industry thought leaders.

Alongside whisking out original editorial pieces (such as The Fintech History Book series) via our fortnightly newsletter, we produced a series of industry reports. At the beginning of the summer we set to surveying the fintech community about the pace of change and innovation in each of our four theme specific conferences. FinTech Connect is not just for Christmas.

50,000 fintech and merchant professionals received these surveys, and we dissected and discussed the responses in a series of FinTech Connect Adoption Guides. The event in December will further explore The Adoption Guides’ talking points, as the conversation moves from paper to stage. But for now, to warm the palette up in anticipation, here’s a quick roundup of our FinTech Connect Adoption Guides 2019.

The plate tectonics of the payments ecosystem are shifting. Cash has had its day, cards replaced cash, and now a host of alternative payment methods vie to take up the mantle. The PayTech Connect Adoption Guide survey asked a targeted group of professionals from payment institutions and merchant brands to assess the impact that technology is having on their organisations.

Covering a range of opportunities and challenges in the payment space, the report looks at how they’re influencing policy and customer relationships. From Strong Customer Authentication and open banking to technical innovation and Brexit, The PayTech Adoption Guide represented the first in a new series of comprehensive industry reports conceived and produced by FinTech Connect.

Hot on its heels was The Digital Banking Adoption Guide. The last decade has seen tech savvy fintechs increasingly challenge and compete with the financial stalwarts entrenched by centuries of dominance. Our survey asked the financial industry how it was engaging with technology just over a decade on from the foundation of fintech, the 2008 financial crash. The Digital Banking Adoption Guide untangles and delves deep into the folds of these findings.

The report features perspectives on the rise of the challenger bank, incumbent fight back, and their relationship with technology. Consumer demands are shifting, regulation is changing and financial institutions must offer digital financial products to stay competitive. The Digital Banking Adoption Guide begun the FinTech Connect digital transformation discussion. The conversation will continue on the two digital transformation stages at the ExCeL London on 3-4 December.

Commentators and analysts are beginning to ask if ‘the year of the blockchain’ that has been frequently promised by crypto evangelists will ever really arrive. The regulatory and take up risks of blockchain are creating an environment that causes a number of financial institutions to adopt a wait and see policy. But it’s not over until the fat lady sings. And she hasn’t even begun warming up her vocal chords yet.

The Blockchain in Financial Services Guide reports and discusses financial institution and fintech perspectives on blockchain in the context of the current climate of tentativeness towards it. But blockchain isn’t dead in the water. The technology is evolving quickly, becoming safer and more reliable. The guide discusses how the

blockchain landscape is shaping up and perceptions that are influencing the take up of the technology. Swing on by the Blockchain Connect stage at the event in December and get involved in the conversation.

Innovation and regulation are not words that have commonly gone together. But, that view is becoming old fashioned. The Regtech Adoption Guide assesses an ecosystem where regulation has caught up with innovation. Open banking is a great example of this. Innovation facilitated by regulation.

Regtech is a double sided coin. On the one side is compliance and on the other is prevention. As financial institutions become ever more sophisticated, so do the nefarious actors seeking to undermine them. Banks and fintechs play a game of cat and mouse with security threats and The Regtech Adoption Guide reports on the industry perspectives towards the uptake of regulation and security technology. The industry’s leading lights will be debating all things regtech on the very aptly named RegTech Connect stage at FinTech Connect.

FinTech Connect is the place where the conversations that have been getting louder throughout the year come home to roost. Five ticketed conference tracks continue the discussions that the industry has been pawing over for the past year. An exhibition with 150 plus best in class fintechs showcases the most innovative global technology solutions. At the heart of the show floor lies the Startup LaunchPad. Emphasising our commitment to promote new fintech blood, the LaunchPad is a stage where startups have a platform to pitch their product.  

Join us at the UK’s Largest fintech conference and exhibition