The Bank of Ant and Dec –Incumbent Bank, Santander Uses Ubiquitous TV Hosts In Act of Very Savvy Marketing

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When you think of Ant and Dec, the first thought you almost certainly don’t think is ‘I wish these chaps ran my financial institution’. It is in fact more likely to be ‘which one is Ant?’. However, 2019 is nothing if not surprising, and anything can truly happen in these dark times (see leader of the United States for proof of this statement)….

Santander’s latest advert sees the arrival of a fictional new challenger bank from the Newcastle loving TV behemoths, who promise ‘1,000 lb mashback’ in potatoes for first-time buyers.

In the documentary stylised advert the pair lovingly pastiche Santander branding and discuss their “life-long dream” of working in the financial sector, admitting their media work was merely a stepping stone to their “real passion.”

The BAFTA winning kings of British TV are seen in their new HQ, laughing about having found a gap in the market – because they claim no one had heard about banking before they launched.

They state the key to their success is “not having any keys” and come up with some innovative ideas on how to tackle saving for a house deposit.

In, perhaps a cheeky nod to challengers in this space, they showcase certain idiosyncratic perks of becoming one of the first customers of the bank of Antanddec. Promising customers “Netbrix,” a monthly subscription where aspiring homeowners receive a brick in the post every month.copy_of_copy_of_portal_1000_x_600__3_

Ant (the taller one, stands on the left) stated “We’re really excited to be partnering with Santander. ‘They presented us with a really fun creative which we couldn’t resist, who would say no to having their own bank brought to life.”

The Antandec marketing campaign will focus on how Santander helps customers realise their aspirations, in a light-hearted and engaging way, the bank says.

It launched on Monday 3 June, and the adverts (if you haven’t seen them already – and if you haven’t your should) will run across all media channels and in branches and the Santander UK website.

Keith Moor, UK CMO Santander, said in their press release: "We are thrilled to have Ant & Dec on board at this very exciting time for Santander UK. The concept behind the campaign and its speed to market is testament both to the power of a great idea and the synergy between the duo and the bank.”

Editor’s Thoughts

This feels like an April Fools Day Story that got out of hand. However it is also a stroke of genius. In an age where the consumer has a certain cynicism towards the incumbents due to the 2008 crisis and legacy operational failures that have dogged them since, associating yourself with a brand which is as popular as the Geordie duo is very clever marketing. To do so whilst also lovingly mocking your challenger bank competitors is exceptionally clever marketing. I for one hope the other UK incumbent financial institutions take note; I look forward to the bank of Noel Edmonds launching in the near future.


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