Telemarketing for Financial Services: A B2B Lead Generation Guide for Managers

Telemarketing for Financial Services: A B2B Lead Generation Guide for Managers

Telemarketing for Financial Services: A B2B Lead Generation Guide for Managers

Financial institutions that offer lending and banking services need tools and equipment to facilitate their operations. Luckily for them, there are B2B companies that provide such materials. They however confront their own set of dilemmas, one of which is marketing their offers.

Marketing financial services via B2B lead generation channels is essential to companies that offer a wide array of financial solutions to their respective audiences. One of many channels is telemarketing. Financial services are complex products to sell and it would require direct and real-time engagements in order to cultivate a purchase. In recent years however, B2B financial services companies are shifting a great bulk of their resources towards social media. The reason? Profitability.

In terms of cost-efficiency, social platforms like LinkedIn and WordPress require minimal capital inputs and provide ample space for content experimentation. The great downside is that direct engagement is limited, leading to poor qualification of B2B leads and lastly, poor ROI.

B2B telemarketing on the other hand offers advantages absent in social media. And given positive statistics about its value for financial service actors, it remains a good idea to invest in effective telemarketing.

As a start consider these important tips:

Qualify prospect data. For better sales results, it is important to know whether individual prospects are the right people to buy your services. Lead quality is crucial because without they ensure that only eager buyers are willing to progress through the sales funnel and make a purchase.

Add value to your conversations. One common mistake in B2B telemarketing is that selling points are presented during the first contact. What most telemarketers overlook is the fact that prospect engagement takes a long time until the prospect is “mature” enough to consider a purchase. Take time to nurture your prospect by centering your conversations on present issues.

Improve yourself through surveys. Telemarketing surveys are a good way of knowing what to improve in the organization as well as your present strategies. Using results from these surveys, managers can gain a clear understanding of what the majority of the market wants, allowing for effective adjustments in lead generation and appointment setting strategies.

Follow-up on existing leads. A rejection does not necessarily mean a prospect is disinterested in your product. Sometimes, telemarketers engage them at a time when there is no current demand for certain solutions. Regardless, decision-makers should always remain in your lead management database, because there is no telling when they will consider employing your financial service solutions.

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