Blockchain Connect 2020

December 3rd

DLT is at a crossroads. Gone is the initial buzz around how many ‘quick bucks’ can be achieved through crypto currencies. The industry as a whole has been besotted with buzz around the latest technology. How this is going to change the world, make you rich, make your life easier and bring about world peace; all within a moment of early adoption. Fintech is full of what we like to call ‘early adopters’ - organisations who are at the vanguard of embracing new technologies in order to improve their processes or their offering to the client.


Blockchain is one of the ultimate examples of a technology that has come, been seen and been hyped to the ‘nth’ degree. Just look at the price of bitcoin over the past 5 years to see the volatility around this. However, with the perceived failure in adoption of Facebook’s cryptocurrency, Libra, and the slow nature of real enterprise adoption, is blockchain now in the trough of disillusionment? Or, will we now see real-world examples of successful implementation? 


Michael Coletta

Head of Blockchain & Emerging Tech Innovation and Strategy
London Stock Exchange Group


David Putts

Chief Growth Officer
Billon Group


Keith Bear

Cambridge Judge Business School

2:50 pm - 3:20 pm Security tokens and the regulatory landscape: what’s possible now and what’s coming next

Thomas Borrel - CPO, Polymath

In the last two years, security tokens have gone from promising concept to hot-topic issue. They stand to transform capital markets by streamlining antiquated processes and opening the door to new financial instruments. 

Yet as we look towards broader adoption, security tokens will need to keep pace with the changing regulatory landscape, which is playing a major role in driving technological innovation. This session will explore how digital assets have evolved alongside regulation, and what still needs to happen for institutional investors to get on board.


Thomas Borrel



Djuri Baars

Blockchain Specialist


Mark Hipperson

Founder and CEO


Robin Green

Executive Director, Digital Markets


Richard Phipps

Solution Design & Delivery Director
Swiss Re

4:10 pm - 4:40 pm More Efficient Private Markets in the Distributed Data Economy.

Patrick O'Meara - Chairman and CEO, Inveniam Capital Partners


Patrick O'Meara

Chairman and CEO
Inveniam Capital Partners

4:40 pm - 5:10 pm Keynote: What is the future of money?

Christine Moy - Executive Director, Blockchain Lead, J.P. Morgan

Christine Moy

Executive Director, Blockchain Lead
J.P. Morgan

December 4th

In 2019, the utility token market saw a slowdown, so the arrival of security tokens became one of the hot topics last year. The market has long-waited for the grand entrance of institutional investors, but they have not yet entered the scene en masse. The success of security tokens is contingent on digital asset exchanges being up and running. Where will STO’s succeed where ICO’s failed before them? Where does the industry now stand with digital custody solutions?  This day looks beyond the gold rush of the digital asset explosion, to assess where the industry goes now.

1:30 pm - 2:00 pm How to bridge the hurdles for DLT mass adoption

Mariana Gomez de la Villa - Distributed Ledger Technology Program Director, ING

Mariana Gomez de la Villa

Distributed Ledger Technology Program Director


On Yavin

Founder and CEO


Laurent Marochini

Head of Innovation
Societe Generale Securities Services


Michele Curtoni

VP Digital Product Development & DLT
State Street


Meaghan Johnson

Digital Magss


Caroline Malcolm

Head Global Blockchain Policy Centre


Malcolm Vernon

Director New Digital Business EMEA


Swen Werner

Managing Director, Digital Product Development and Innovation
State Street


Dotun Rominiyi

Blockchain Strategy, Emerging Technologies

4:10 pm - 4:40 pm Innovating during a pandemic? Sure, let's launch a new bank!

Demetrio Migliorati - Director | Innovation - Head of Blockchain, Banco Mediolanum

Demetrio Migliorati

Director | Innovation - Head of Blockchain
Banco Mediolanum

4:40 pm - 5:10 pm Closing keynote: High value payments on the blockchain; problems and solutions

William Lovell - Head of Future Technology, Bank of England

William Lovell

Head of Future Technology
Bank of England