Demo at the LaunchPad

Imagine a live demonstration theatre surrounded by 64 exhibition stands featuring amazing fintech start ups - the most visited, buzzy part of FinTech Connect, positioned slap bang in the middle of the exhibition. That’s The LaunchPad!

Are you in revenue generation mode or looking for your next round of capital investment? Maybe you are seeking partnerships, advice, or benchmarking against other fintechs? Perhaps you are recruiting talent to join your business?

If the answer to any of the above is yes, apply to join The LaunchPad at FinTech Connect.

Download the full LaunchPad brochure below to learn more about participating, or click here to enquire about joining.

Brochure: The LaunchPad at FinTech Connect

Get in touch:
Tom Spring
Start-up Partnership Manager
+44 207 368 9860

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Who's taken part?

Scores of start-ups participate in the Launchpad each year, with many attracting sizeable levels of investment, and expanding their sales pipelines following business development activity carried out on site. We have welcomed 150+ start-ups over the years, including: