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This 3 day conference will bring together global leaders at the vanguard of the changes within the fintech industry to discuss, debate and evangelise the future of financial technology. Download the agenda today to learn more.

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We create custom, precisely targeted campaigns to reach senior decision makers across the fintech ecosystem. Regardless of your marketing challenges — from branding, to lead generation, to customer retention —FinTech Connect offers a host of media solutions to tackle multiple objectives and lets you target our professional audience with precision...

Accelerating Open Banking

Download the latest must-read report by Nordic API Gateway and see how you can crack the code to monetise open banking and build convenient services.

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At FinTech Connect 2020, 7,000+ FinTech professionals from financial institutions to major challengers and innovators will come together to assess the very latest innovations that are fundamentally changing the way we transact, save, borrow and invest. Enquire about sponsorship opportunities for 2020. 

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Thousands of financial services leaders are already registered

Thousands of financial services leaders have already confirmed their attendance at FinTech Connect 2019 - including delegations from organisations such as Revolut, N26, Monzo, Starling Bank, Credit Karma, TransferWise, HSBC, Nordea and many more. They will be building relationships, assessing the most revolutionary fintechs on the market and making new...

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This year's show, taking place December 2-3 at the ExCeL London, is expecting 6000+ FinTech professionals from Financial Institutions to major challengers and innovators. Join the registration waiting list now to find out the moment registration opens, and the earliest attendee offers. 

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Register your interest in attending FinTech Connect 2019

This year's show, taking place December 3-4 at the ExCeL London, is expecting 6000+ FinTech professionals from Financial Institutions to major challengers and innovators. Join the registration waiting list now to find out the moment registration opens, and the earliest attendee offers. 

DX Connect Agenda 2019

View the two days of content on digital transformation on 3-4 December at FinTech Connect

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4000+ companies attended FinTech Connect last year - check out the list now.


Open Banking for Business - Real-life Benefits within Easy Reach

Download Five Ways to Benefit from Open Banking. In this booklet, Yolt Technology Services outlines the main benefits of open banking for a wide variety of businesses – and describes how a trusted third-party provider can help you get started and scale up.

2018 Machine Learning Automation Drives the Fintech Revolution

Fintech is booming. Global investment in fintech at the end of 2015 stood at just over $19 billion, an increase of nearly 700% from 2011. Machine learning drives fintech. In lending, security, payment systems, insurance, compliance, and other fintech sectors, innovative analytics are essential to success. To compete with big...

Latest News

GAFA and Banking – He Who Dares Wins

Over the past 15 years the GAFA group (Google, Apple, Facebook, Amazon) of companies have dominated the consumer domain, creating digital engagement across multiple verticals and touchpoints.Central to this has been a customer first philosophy, delivering relentless value. As they enter the world of banking and fintech; let’s take a look...

FinTech Minotaurs: Linking Financial Technology to Greek Mythology

Excuse me? That’s right! Splice together finance, technology, the body of a man and the head of a bull, and you get yourself a FinTech Minotaur.

The Case for FinTech in Northern Ireland

Over the past 12 years, Northern Ireland has been establishing a reputation as a global hub for fintech, regtech and cyber. The region offers a combination of great infrastructure, competitive costs and supportive administration but above all a talented, well educated workforce with a superb work ethic. 

Augmented Reality in Banking

CardGenY launches its digital transformation toolkit at FinTech Connect. However, one aspect of the toolkit that always gains attention is our AR module that enables offline content to be seamlessly brought online.

Why Accountants are your best FinTech Friends

When you think of an accountant, you probably picture the headlines about ‘Big Four’ audit failings, or perhaps someone in a crumpled suit, huddled over a spreadsheet, calculator in hand. If you’re new to this world, you’re probably not picturing your customer’s most influential business adviser. You’re probably not thinking...

How trended data can help lenders to make more informed decisions

It’s been an unusual summer. England’s footballers reached their first World Cup semi-final in 28 years, while the heatwave has caused meteorologists to make comparisons with weather 42 years ago. Now the Office for National Statistics has identified another rare event: UK households have become net borrowers for the first time...

FinTech: The next frontier for accountants

In 2018, accountants don’t just advise on tax issues. They support their clients with business decisions, and that includes the tools and products they should use in their business. Accountants are now fundamental to any FinTech company wishing to secure the SME market.

Our client Adyen

One of our truly committed and experienced users is Adyen, a top-tier company in online payments all around the globe. Due to an ever growing client portfolio it is increasingly important for Adyen to use the right risk monitoring tools to stay on top of the news.

How Cointelligence Serves the Crypto Economy

Cointelligence serves as the data layer for the crypto economy. But data on its own does no good when people don’t know how to use it. This is where the concept of “due diligence” comes in. By training crypto enthusiasts and potential investors on how to do their own research,...

The Future of Research: It's not just about MiFID II

In recent years, any strategic conversation around the future of research usually begins, and often ends, with MiFID II. But the disruption of the research industry started long before those regulations were implemented.

Glue42 Extends Desktop User Experience via Open APIs

Firm contributes proposal to FINOS FDC3 App Directory Working Group to further enterprise desktop app standardization.

Interview: Yuichi Honda, CEO, Blockfanz

Yuichi Honda, the CEO of Blockfanz, a community which provides marketing support and consulting services for those who aiming to spread blockchain projects in Japan and Korea. In this update, Honda will answer 5 questions about the Japanese and Korean cryptocurrency situation.

How company data from Orbis helps identify and mitigate regulatory risk

When considering new partnerships, onboarding customers and suppliers, or entering a new market, more certainty is always welcome. Access to the richest, most reliable private company information on the market can help you identify potential regulatory and reputational risks before they can impact your business.

PIF: UK’s appetite for innovation is driving a “Brexit-Proof” boom in fintech and prepaid

The UK’s passion for innovation means it is now seen as a global leader in the development of financial services that are powered by prepaid technology, according to data released by Prepaid International Forum (PIF).

GlobalSign Presentation at FinTech Connect 2018 to Focus on Securing Open Banking and Meeting PSD2 Requirements with Digital and Qualified Certificates

GlobalSign, a leading provider of identity and security solutions, today announced the company will be showcasing its cloud-based Managed Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) security solutions and its newly recognized Qualified Trust Service Provider (QTSP) capabilities at Fintech Connect, December 5-6, 2018

Profinit is bringing powerful data science algorithms to Fintech Connect

At this year's show, Profinit will be introducing a set of powerful predictive algorithms that offer financial institutions innovative ways to manage risk, battle fraud and improve customer retention. 

Armada Labs: September Updates

26/09/18There is some pretty cool stuff going on with our company. We were just featured in a prominent magazine. The mag selected us as leaders in the Fintech industry to interview and do a story on. This was a real feather in our collective hats!

How Health.Finance is tackling modern-day healthcare patient financing

Nick Varnitski of Armada Labs has some stunning numbers for you to think about regarding modern-day healthcare patient financing. Are you ready? Here we go.

Open Banking 2.0: Why Everything is Changing

20/06/18In the latest Rebank podcast,

Financial Technology (Fintech) acceptance in the UK

16/05/18A telegraph research published in 2017, revealed that the UK ranks third on the most cashless countries in the world index. The top two countries are Canada and Sweden, while the other European countries that made into the top 10 are France and Germany.

Glint adopts HooYu to streamline customer on-boarding

23/04/18Leading identity confirmation provider HooYu has partnered with Glint to verify customer identity and maximise the speed and success rate for customers wanting to open an account.

UK FinTech Census 2017 - The Voice of FinTech

08/12/17The 2017 UK FinTech Census was designed to gather key insights directly from FinTechs, charting key areas of growth, as well as potential challenges. 

Dejamobile raises €2.5 M from Newfund

17/10/17Dejamobile, editor in software solutions specialised in secure mobile transactions, is accelerating its growth by raising €2.5 M from Newfund and M. François Enaud, former Chairman and CEO of the Steria group.

Aviva makes strategic investment in Wealthify

05/10/17Aviva, the UK’s largest provider of general insurance and leading life and pensions provider, is to make a strategic investment in Wealthify.

EY FinTech Adoption Index 2017 – The rapid emergence of FinTech

06/11/17Levels of financial technology (FinTech) adoption among consumers has surged globally over the past 18 months and is poised to be embraced by the mainstream, according to the latest EY FinTech Adoption Index.

Vega Solutions and our Vision Banking system

26/08/17Vision Banking was written by Vega in partnership with Investec Bank Channel Islands and handles Online and Back Office Intermediary and Private Client payment processing (including FX and batch processing), deposit and loan processing.

BBVA Open Talent 2018

05/03/18BBVA Open Talent, the world’s biggest fintech competition, will this year mark its tenth anniversary by working with more start-ups than ever before. 

Schroders Global In-Residence Programme for Tech Start-Ups

08/01/18Schroders is specifically targeting tech companies which have progressed beyond the conceptual or early-growth stage that offer solutions relevant to investment management. 

Start Up Spotlight

Start-Up: Solna

Solna is the smart invoicing tool that helps freelancers and small businesses get paid faster, and the first platform of its kind to be powered by credit-score data.

Start-Up: dozens

Based on a vision to create a fundamentally new model for banking – one where we only make money when our customers do – dozens offers a current account, a smart budgeting tool, an investment manager, and cash rewards for good financial behaviour - all in one app.

Start-Up: Coriunder

Coriunder provide a ,PCI Level 1 certified, white label solution to manage Customers/Merchants/Affiliates and Processors – manage your processing, prepaid issuing, merchant onboarding and risk rules all from one place.

Start-Up: Blockfanz

BlockFanz is a professional marketing community for blockchain projects based mainly in South Korea and Japan. We aim to gather fans from all over Asia for your blockchain project.

Start-Up: Complidata

Complidata develop A.I.-driven Process Automation Solutions to streamline and optimize Compliance Processes and underlying operations across several vertical domains for FSIs.

Start-Up: Akoni

Akoni provides cash management solutions for businesses, working both with banks and companies - leveraging Open banking to deliver personalised products. The platform algo matches two continually changing circumstances using data innovation, analytics and prompts.

Start-Up: Sedicii

Sedicii’s ground breaking technology allows parties to prove to each other that they both have exactly the same information without sharing it. Verifying identities without compromising privacy enables full process digitisation. Building this trusted Identity layer on top of any blockchain will eliminate identity fraud and provide anonymity with accountability.

Start-Up: Sensibill

Sensibill works with innovative financial institutions to help small businesses and freelancers manage paper and digital receipts. The solution integrates with digital banking channels to drive net new engagement in online and mobile banking. The service is white-labeled, designed to meet bank requirements, and live with global financial institutions today.

Start-Up: TransferX

TransferX uses a completely new concept for foreign (cross-border) remittances. Our objective; provide a more efficient solution for transferring funds into under-banked emerging markets, by leveraging ‘Distributed Ledger Technology’. DLT allows TransferX to achieve much faster yet cheaper payments, and our digital platform avoids the need to use agents.

Start-Up: Quantfolio

Quantfolio enables AI robo advisory for banks and asset managers. We empower banks with turnkey solutions, cost effective technology and AI competency to efficiently provide customers with personalized savings advice. Moreover, we achieve benchmark-beating returns and downside protection through algorithmic investment strategies and Europe’s possibly first macro model built on...


Cygnetise is a decentralised application that makes the process of managing authorised signatory lists efficient and secure. Using blockchain technology, organisations including PwC, Ogier, Vistra and many more, significantly mitigate the risk of fraud and save over 90% of their admin time and costs.

Start-Up: Facesoft Ltd

Facesoft is an innovative, SaaS start-up, providing facial identification and verification solutions in the security, banking and access control markets, via a cloud-based API solution. The company’s face recognition algorithms have been found to be amongst the best in the world, with accuracy levels of greater than 98%.

Start-Up: is the only tech solution that family offices need. Designed by and for family officers, it supplements their investment due diligence and risk management processes by combining into one application an AI-powered virtual analyst, Alfred, who eliminates information quality issues, with decision analysis tools and access to peers-rated experts.

Start-Up: ID-Pal

ID-Pal is a frictionless digital ID&V solution that maximises customer acquisition rates across all channels. A customer’s identity and address are thoroughly verified in seconds using a combination of biometric, document and database checks. ID-Pal is a SaaS solution that can be instantly customised and configured in minutes without any...

Start-Up: Paytweak

Paytweak is a FinTech start-up company which provides secure and unique services for online-payments through links, which can be sent by Emails, SMS, chats and bots. Paytweak is connected to more than 500 banks and PSP around the world to accept all payment means and issues electronic Bank transfer &...

Start-Up: DataChemist

DataChemist delivers on a simple promise. Making meaningful, correct data and insights available across the enterprise. We find and expose real-world relationships between entities and we do it at massive scale. We quickly bring you on a journey from disparate, unstructured data to a unified view of your enterprise knowledge....

Start-Up: Lyme

After a very serious court problem due to the lack of legality of normal emails, used to support the operations of an international business, we decided to create something that could provide a safe way to use emails on traditional business level. So, we created Lyme.

Start-Up: Neonomics

The advent of PSD2 and other open banking initiatives is creating a vast number of APIs spread around the globe, creating a fragmented landscape. Interconnectivity Solution by Neonomics solves this issue by helping you reach thousands of banks via one unified API - affordably and efficiently.

Start-Up: ZignSec

ZignSec is a one stop shop for Identities offering merchants online services to verify the true identity of their customers by a variety of identity methods. Zignsec offer its cloud based services with one api to help merchants to automate and comply with current and future regulation.

Start-Up: Owlin

Owlin is a Dutch technology company which uses advanced analytics to turn global news flows into actionable intelligence. In this world where the overall size of information is continuously increasing, it becomes more important to find relevant news, and more difficult not to miss out on any opportunities, risks or trends.

Start-Up: Scanovate LTD

Scanovate, Creating Cyber Identity for financial institutions using a comprehensive platform that transforms compliance to a frictionless, profit generating process.

Start-Up: biid

biid is a “mobile identity” platform that secures and protects digital infrastructures while allowing users to easily authenticate online, authorise transactions, sign legal documents and provide consent, in accordance to new EU and UK directives and regulations such as eIDAS, GDPR, PSD2 and Open Banking.

Start-Up: RiskSave Compliance

RiskSave Compliance is an award-winning provider of regulatory solutions for Private Equity managers, Hedge Funds and leading FinTechs. We specialise in providing integrated low-cost solutions to ambitious and demanding firms.

Start-Up: OroPay

OroPay are an e-Money Wallet provider. The OroPay wallet is easy to setup, easy to get funds into, and convenient for customers to operate. For Merchants we offer a cost effective way to receive payments for online services.

Start-Up: Phronesis Technologies

Phronesis is a company based in Bath that provides a platform to small and mid-size companies that helps give certainty to the complex task of validating mobile customers, reducing fraud and improving customer experience.

Start-Up: PiP iT

PiP iT Global is a unique B2B platform powering international CASH payments so that our partners and their customers can: Accept CASH cross-border bill payments, Load CASH to eWallets, Accept CASH for eCommerce orders, Lodge CASH to bank accounts across borders.

Start-up: Delio

Delio works with leading financial institutions to deliver customised technology platforms that optimise the distribution, transaction and reporting of private equity, private debt, real estate, social impact and fund investment opportunities.

Start-Up: Othera

Othera’s blockchain technology increases profits for originators and asset managers by automating loan origination processes and reimagining the structuring and sale of asset backed securities. Originators can now digitise and fractionalise loans; and create and sell structured digital assets faster and for less cost when compared with traditional securitization methods.

Start-Up: Panaseer

Panaseer's mission is to make enterprises 'Cyber Security Risk' Intelligent. We operate at the intersection of risk and security to automate the breadth and depth of visibility required to take control, provide insight to manage risk, demonstrate ROI and drive robust cyber hygiene practices and remediation.

Start-Up: CRiskCo

CRiskCo introduces smart and on-going credit reports. We allow credit providers to grow online and penetrate untapped markets without losing the security and personal touch. We are passionate about helping SME's to be understood and support them to grow, receive credit and trade fairly.

Start-Up: PaymentComponents

PaymentComponents Solves OpenBanking! Our award-winning aplonAPI™ APIs Management Platform, powers PSD2 compliance and OpenBanking initiatives. Simplify development of PISP / AISP aggregator applications, using our UNUapi™ APIs middleware, to integrate with 1 API and communicate with many, or leverage our powerful aplonCASH™ BFM framework, to rapidly accelerate going to market.

Start-Up: Codat

Codat is an API that handles the heavy lifting of integrating with financial software providers, freeing businesses to focus on how integrations can improve their product for their customers. Codat powers the products and services used by small businesses by making accounting and banking integrations easy.

Start-Up: bibimoney

bibimoney are London based, using our patented SIM-Skin technology, to provide secure, mobile payment wallet services, working on any phone, any mobile network. Without the need for data, we enable our partners to create Financial Inclusion in high growth, large population, developing countries, by delivering an interoperable, mobile money solution.

Start-Up: Thirdfort

Thirdfort offers an FCA regulated, digital payment platform for property lawyers. Currently, processing payments and the associated compliance is administratively intensive and heavily manual. This leads to poor customer experience when buying a house and fraud in property transactions is a big problem, up 20 fold in past 2 years.

Start-Up: NDGIT GmbH

NDGIT GmbH stands for Next Digital Banking and provides the first API platform for banking and insurance. It connects banks and FinTech companies with digital ecosystems. This technology enables banks to open themselves up to digital partners with open banking APIs and PSD2 solutions.

Start-Up: DebtCase

DebtCase helps SMEs collect their overdue invoices quicker, more efficiently and potentially free of charge. Once you connect your accounts package we match you to a collection agency who operate a no collection, no fee policy and add their commission to the debt, meaning you could receive then entire balance.

Start-up: W2 Global Data

W2 Global Data provides real time identity verification technology. Our wide range of SaaS screening tools enable organisations to conduct regulatory Know Your Customer (KYC), Anti-Money Laundering (AML) and Fraud prevention due diligence. Our services include ID, document and Age verification, PEP and Sanctions screening, affordability checks and source of...

Start-Up: CardGenY

CardGenY is a platform that enables Issuers, Processors and Co-brand programs to rapidly implement next generation Challenger Bank type solutions. It incorporates real time spend and payment controls but fully integrated with loyalty, commerce, marketing and analytics…a commercial framework that’s key to the future profitability and sustainability of digital payments.

Start-Up: Transactive

Transactive API Platform offers faster, easier and less expensive access to instant payment systems enabling businesses, banks, and fintech disruptors to send and receive funds faster and more seamlessly to any number of IBANS than ever before.

Start-Up: StayPrivate

Compatible with all email accounts and incredibly easy to use, StayPrivate enables businesses to send and receive sensitive data in a convenient, secure and compliant manner.

Start-Up: Qwil Messenger

Qwil Messenger solves the challenge of making chat safe and compliant when it matters most: between staff, clients and partners. Their single, global chat app enables participants in any location to engage in branded, professional conversations with their companies whilst meeting the most stringent security and regulatory requirements.

Start-Up: Paybase

Paybase covers payments, compliance and risk - all under one unified API - allowing you to focus on your core business.

Start-Up: BankZee

BankZee offers a family banking solution for financial service providers. Their white label, business-to-business service helps your bank to onboard and keep Generation Z as customers.With BankZee’s wide range of software and hardware products, kids improve their financial literacy and grow up to be conscious bank customers.

Start-Up: Credas

Credas provides award winning identity verification technology across multiple markets and sectors via an easy-to-use mobile platform.

Start-Up: Instanda

Instanda is a leading-edge cloud software that enables you to easily create, manage and distribute your insurance products. It provides insurers, brokers and MGAs with a software tool to move from product concept, to binding online, in a matter of weeks. There’s nothing that remotely looks like an off the...

Start-Up: Kompany

kompany provides Business KYC, AML & EDD Solutions for global corporates. Our live and real-time international company search and verification service covers +100mn private companies in more than 150 countries and jurisdictions. Operating under government licenses, we provide audit-proof documentary evidence and enabling cross-border UBOdiscovery using live relationships between companies...


MYPINPAD is a global leader in payments software authentication solutions. Our patented technology creates a trusted and hardened environment to protect sensitive consumer data on devices such as smartphones and tablets enabling bank grade, multifactor authentication through the use of card PIN and Biometric credentials for financial transactions, secure sign-in...

Start-Up: Particeep

Particeep is a fintech that provides financial institutions a turnkey technology to market online their financial services and products. The company offers banks, asset management companies, insurers and their distributors an API technology that integrates a full range of ready-to-use financial micro-services to quickly launch their online distribution business.

Start-Up: Rubean

Rubean is a specialist developer of MOBILE payment solutions for Merchants, Consumers, and Card Issuers (Credit, Debit, Prepaid & Gift). Our software is fully patented and built to industry best practice with partners such as Huawei, Intertrust, etc.

Start-Up: SteelEye

SteelEye's cloud-native platform is designed to help regulated firms not only comply with their regulatory obligations but also gain deep insight from the traditional dormant data they must collect for regulatory purposes. This helps them trade with greater efficiency, profitability and control. SteelEye is the only platform to offer communications,...

Start-Up: Wealthify

Wealthify is an online investment service that makes investing easy and affordable for everyone. Get started in under 10 minutes and with as little as £1. Our experts will build you a global investment portfolio and manage it for you, every day.

Start-Up: Union Digital

Union Digital is an innovative vendor dedicated to providing digital financial systems to financial service providers like lenders, leasing and factoring providers, credit unions, currency brokers and client score providers to improve their client retention, automation, profitability and corporate governance. Union products are all based on union digital core.


Interview: Carlos Domingo, CEO, Securitize

Carlos Domingo is a senior executive, entrepreneur, investor, and currently the CEO and Co-Founder of Securitize, Inc. Before becoming the CEO of Securitize, Carlos co-founded and launched SPiCE VC, a fully tokenized VC fund.

Interview with Stefan K. Persson, CEO, Precise Biometrics

Stefan K. Persson is Chief Executive Officer at Precise Biometrics, a market-leading supplier of solutions for convenient and secure authentication of people’s identity. In his past career, Stefan was Chief Operating Officer & Executive Vice President for Bang & Olufsen, and Chief Operating Officer of Medicom Innovation.

Interview: Chris Baker, CEO, SoftServe

Chris Baker is both a seasoned entrepreneur and a Fortune 250 senior leader. He has been a member of SoftServe’s Board of Directors since 2012, and became CEO in 2015. Chris has led high growth technology companies for over 20 years. Most recently, Chris has served both as President and...

Spotlight on Flynet with Rhiannon Dakin, Marketing Manager, Flynet

Flynet originally started its operations as a science company located next to the University of Cambridge. Back then, the company would solve the clients’ host system integration and mainframe connectivity problems, creating bespoke solutions which were forensically efficient and delivered maximum competitive advantage.

FinTech Connect Podcast #2: Lex Sokolin, Global Director - Fintech Strategy, Autonomous Research

Fintech Connect’s Carly Greene catches up with Lex Sokolin on AI, the future of finance and tips for the start-up community looking to develop the next big innovation.

Robo-Advisors, Open Banking and the Future of Finance; Abba Newbury, CMO, Habito

Abba is CMO at proptech start-up Habito. She is a seasoned marketing consultant working with both Google and Youtube on their accelerator programmes. She has worked on both sides of the marketing industry, as a Managing Partner of Media Strategy at McCann and Director of Advertising Strategy at News UK. 

FinTech Connect Podcast #1: Alexandre Rispal, Co-Founder and CEO, Moonshot-Internet

Fintech Connect’s Carly Greene catches up with Alexandre Rispal on the broadening ecosystem, Moon-Shot Internet and the key technologies paving the way for bleeding edge services in insurance.

Where technology meets fashion: Carlos Belsué, CEO, Armillion

Carly Greene, Content Director for Fintech Connect, catches up with Carlos Belsué of Armillion, a Swiss company that created the first ultra luxury contactless device, a jewel that fuses functionality, exclusivity and luxury like never before.

Open Banking and the Future of Financial Services, Hetal Popat, Programme Director and Head, Open Banking, HSBC

Hetal is Programme Director and Head for HSBC UK’s CMA Open Banking programme.  He is accountable for delivering the open banking solution specified by the CMA and also for supporting the businesses as they seek to develop propositions that use open banking to benefit customers.  

Cloud in Focus: Steve Dorward, Lead Architect, Group Functions, Lloyds Banking Group

Steve is a Lead Architect within Group Transformation Architecture & Strategy division. He has recent Software & Platform cloud vendor selection experience and involved in a number of initiatives to position Cloud as the future state architecture. He has many contacts within the IT industry be it vendors or peer...

Financial Innovation in Focus: Bijna K. Dasani, Group Architecture and Strategy, Group Transformation | Chief Operating Office, Lloyds Banking Group

Bijna has established strategic, innovation and complex transformation successes, across the globe, for leading Financial Services firms. Bijna received a felicitation at the House of Lords (UK), at the NRI World Summit and has been recognised as one of the top 50 Visionary Young Leaders in Business

Unleashing the potential for IoT in Insurance: Matteo Carbone, Founder & Director, IoT Insurance Observatory

Matteo manages an international insurance think tank focused on IoT Insurance. He is internationally recognized as an insurance industry strategist with a specialization on innovation. He is an author and world-renowned authority on InsurTech, ranked amongst the top international InsurTech Influencers and connected to a diverse network of insurance innovators....

Financial Innovation in Focus: Benedetta Arese Lucini, Co-Founder, Oval Money

Benedetta Arese Lucini is one of Italy’s and Europe’s leading tech entrepreneurs. She is the co-founder and CEO of Oval Money, a personal finance management app that harnesses the power of collective intelligence to help users track and save their money. Benedetta believes that fintech innovation must help improve underlying...

Ambrish Verma, Director of Product, Data & Loans at Credit Karma

We are pleased to welcome Director of Product, Data & Loans at Credit Karma Ambrish Verma to the 2018 speaking faculty. Ambrish will be taking part in this year’s FinTech Connect Accelerating Digital Transformation Conference.

The Blockchain Revolution: Dr. Mihaela Ulieru, Chief Alchemist,

Our Content Director Carly Greene sits down with Dr. Mihaela of to discuss the opportunities and first steps of the Blockchain Revolution.


The State of Software Security Industry Snapshot: Financial Services

Veracode’s State of Software Security (SOSS) Volume 11’s analysis uncovered key differences in software security between industries and found that these differences affect how quickly flaws were addressed. This infosheet provides a summary of factors that shape software security for the financial services sector.

2020 Event Highlights Report

Download the 2020 Event Highlights Report to see the full highlights, attendee breakdown, testimonials and more.

IDnow Security Report 2019

Whenever technology changes the way people do business, fraud is an issue. To consistently stay ahead of the latest fraud methods, you need to be the quickest, the most creative and well connected. This report by IDnow focuses on the specific types of identity fraud that happens during a digital...

Tribe How Disposable Tech will re-define the Payments Value Chain 2019

Want to find out more about how Tribe is shaking up the fintech scene? Read their white paper: How disposable technology will redefine the payments value chain.

Scaling Interoperability: why your desktop is stuck in the dark ages and how OpenFin can help

Want to find out more about how OpenFin is shaking up the fintech scene? Read their white paper: Scaling Interoperability: why your desktop is stuck in the dark ages and how OpenFin can help. 

The Path to Truly Digital Securities.

Want to find out more about how Polymath is shaking up the fintech scene? Read their white paper: The Path to Truly Digital Securities.

Maturing Your Application Security Program

Want to find out more about how Veracode is shaking up the fintech scene? Read its white paper: Maturing Your Application Security Program.

Are digital banks the future of financial services?

With the prevalence of neobanks, and the market booming with fancy fintech solutions, are big players still positioned to deliver services customers want? Will physical bank branches become obsolete? And are digital-only brands really the future of the financial services sector?Download Somo's newest white paper to find out how the...

The Regtech Adoption Guide 2019

Understand how financial institutions and fintechs are engaging with regtech, covering:The role of a modern day compliance departmentThe take-up of regtech innovationThe major threats and opportunities facing key actors in the industryBrexit

FICO for Fintech: Advanced Analytic Services (Executive Brief)

Fintechs and challenger banks have put a dent in the financial services universe. By developing compelling new products, services and experiences, these companies have set a new standard and raised customers’ expectations. While traditional banks work to meet these raised expectations, the challenge for new market entrants is turning their...

How to get ready for the new regulations in the gaming industry

Are you ready for 2020? Is your company ready for the upcoming gaming regulations that will hit the European and German markets in 2020? The IDnow regulatory experts have created a how-to guide to help you do your due diligence. You can download the free Guide: Gaming KYC here

Cryptoassets: How the FCA’s Guidance Has Evolved

Sushil Kuner from the Gowling Financial Services Regulatory team explains the FCA’s new taxonomy of cryptoassets and why authorised firms using unregulated cryptoassets need to be mindful of certain regulatory requirements which may still apply.

2019 Post-Show Report

Download the Post-Show Report to see the full highlights, attendee breakdown, testimonials and more.

Blockchain 2020 Vision

This new report, by R3 explores the top trends and predictions for enterprise blockchain adoption and success to help understand: What businesses and application builders can learn from the latest deployment success What the key ingredients of blockchain interoperability are What is driving current momentum behind digital currency and tokenisation...

Barclay Simpson: FinTech Compliance Overview

The FinTech industry is punctuated with thought leaders and business owners who are passionate about this “banking revolution”.This passion for disrupting and changing the face of global banking disseminates throughout the business, creating a truly unique company culture. FinTech compliance candidates need to value company culture, possess the right technical...

Response to HM Treasury’s call for evidence on Cash and Digital Payments in the New Economy

The Emerging Payments Association is pleased to take the opportunity to respond to HM Treasury on this critical policy area for payment services in the UK. Before addressing the specific questions in the call for evidence, we set out here six main points that we believe are critical to how...

Report: Banking on AI

In a world where technology is increasingly pervasive, rapid recent advancements in artificial intelligence (AI) may represent the best strategy for financial services organizations to has undertaken research on the current and future impact of AI on the banking, financial services and insurance (BFSI) sectors. The findings show that, as an...

PwC Global FinTech Report 2017

FinTech is all about innovation, disruption and transformation, and will undoubtedly impact and shape the way financial institutions around the world operate. Explore the key themes of our report, as well as in our Executive Summary, and download the Global report to find out how senior financial services and FinTech...

The Pulse of FinTech 2017

Globally, the fintech market made a strong rebound in Q2’17, with total investment more than doubling on a quarter-over-quarter basis to more than USD $8.4 billion. Large increases in private equity (PE) funding and M&A funding propelled the increase, while the amount of venture capital (VC) investment held relatively steady.

Bankers as Buyers 2017

The 14th annual report brings you insights from leading industry analysts, banking consultants and financial technology professionals on the latest technology and services bankers are buying in 2017.

World FinTech Report 2017

Report content includes:FinTech - Hype or Disruption? Rise of the FinTech Movement FinTechs, Traditional Firms, Must Improve on Delivering Positive Moments of Truth to Customers In Face of FinTechs, Traditional Firms Struggling to Apply Innovation Blockchain Finds Numerous Applications in Financial Services Industry 


How to Prepare Your Customers for Digital Banking During COVID-19

More than ever banks need to move fast. It is important that banks ensure their customers have the confidence and ability to bank digitally. Learn how banks globally are using digital demos to educate customers across all their digital channels. Download the report today.

Bottomline Technologies: The Changing Payments and Financial Messaging Landscape

In the current payments environment the banks, non-bank financial institutions and new payment service providers are faced with both opportunities and challenges when delivering new and compelling services to meet the increasing digital, 24x7 demands of their customers. A special paper on the rapid evolution of the global payments and...

Experian: Delivering Value in the Digital Age

Today’s world runs on data. We all leave footprints in the digital world, from the profiles we build of ourselves online, to the countless internet searches we conduct each week, to the information we share via a myriad of apps downloaded on a multitude of devices. Download the Experian whitepaper to...

Vizolution: Making Agents Bionic

While many predicted that digital transformation spelled the demise of the traditional contact centre, it still remains a key part of customer service today. Nevertheless, with customers now able to perform simple tasks in self-serve channels, the role of the voice agent is evolving, with many now being challenged by...

Vizolution: Banking on Frictionless Customer Journeys

In the ‘age of the customer’, Banks are increasingly being defined by the experiences they offer. While digital transformation has helped Banks reduce costs and create greater convenience for customers who no longer want to be defined by branch hours, these channels have also typically had lower engagement levels. 

FinTech: Growth Versus Governance

Fintech revenues climbed on average 22 per cent between 2014 and 2016, with half of the nation’s businesses expecting growth of more than 100 per cent this year.The future undoubtedly looks bright for the industry. But does fintech’s rapid growth and disruptive nature leave good governance trailing behind? What key...

The definitive guide to beneficial ownership

This white paper, courtesy of Bureau Van Dijk, is ideal for those who are new to the topic, or looking for a refresher course. The  guide covers everything from what beneficial ownership is to the technology available to keep up with constant ownership change.Bureau Van Dijk capture and treat private company...

Global ID Verification with Melissa

This publication from Melissa Global Intelligence was created to present the importance of a single unified 360 degree view of the customer – both for the benefit of marketing and KYC initiatives but also for fraud prevention. Knowing customers and ensuring that their data is accurate and verified is extremely important...

Blockchain & FinTech: A User Guide

Welcome to the new world of trading on a blockchain platform.This Blockchain User Guide is designed and written for financial intermediaries, investment and financial advisers, trust fund managers, fintech professionals and wealth managers seeking a clearer understanding of blockchain technology’s potential and why it has been chosen as the underlying...

Will DLT work for my Business?

The possibility of conducting complex transactions with unprecedented efficiency, security, and trust is tantalizing. But what can blockchain or digital ledger technology (DLT) do for your business, today?

Contego - Helping Modulr Ensure Legal Compliance and Support Growth

Modulr is a new, dynamic business solution in the world of Fintech automated payments. Modulr’s APIs are designed to help businesses automate reconciliation and turn chaotic cash flows and confusing payment volumes into streamlined trackable activity.To ensure FCA regulatory compliance as an Authorised Electronic Money Institution, Modulr needed a technology-led...

How do application lifecycle management practices address hidden, underlying and embedded risks built into fintech innovations?

Supported by Siemens, this paper explores the use of Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) and related software quality control practices in the fintech world. The objective is to understand how best practices for software development, maintenance and retirement are being applied in the dynamic world of financial technology, where ALM is...