Ask the Ad board - Louis de Broglie, CEO & Co-Founder, InsPeer

Insight with Louis de Broglie, CEO & Co-Founder, InsPeer

What is the most impressive fintech start-up you’ve come across in the past 12 months and why?

Shift Technology: They have been able to find and perfectly addressed a worldwide niche with a complex and hardly replicable solution.

What would you rank as the top 3 challenges faced by start ups and scale ups as they plan for growth?

1) Recruit talents.

2) Find capital.

3) Control and growth.

Are we any nearer to seeing the full impact of Brexit on the fintech sector? If so, please share your view on what the best outcome for the fintech sector would resemble?


Where do you think London ranks now, among the various global fintech hubs?

4th position after California, New York and Singapore.

Do you believe there is more or less collaboration between fintechs and financial institutions than there was three years ago? Please comment or give examples if you are able to.

Yes, financial institution are able to use small best of class IT solutions to improve their customer relation or to discover new technologies.

Outside of FinTech - which company (launched within the last ten years) do you admire the most and why?


1) It is one I am using every day.

2) It has probably been one of the fastest growing ever in terms of users and value.

Please indicate which technology has the most potential to transform the financial services industry:

Artificial Intelligence.

Based on your experience, what advice would you give to young entrepreneurs starting their careers in fintech?

Being a tech guy helps a lot.

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