Ask the Ad Board - Philippe Gelis, CEO, Kantox

Insight with Philippe Gelis, CEO, Kantox

What would you rank as the top 3 challenges faced by start ups and scale ups as they plan for growth?

1) Opening banking relationships

2) Having profitable unit economics

3) Creating Barriers to Entry

Are we any nearer to seeing the full impact of Brexit on the fintech sector? If so, please share your view on what the best outcome for the fintech sector would resemble?

Brexit is all about passporting. If passporting remains, there will be very limited impact.

Have you seen any major market shifts in the last year?

More focus on unit economics and profitability. Less artificial growth fueled by VC money.

Where do you think London ranks now, among the various global fintech hubs?

London is still leading but the US are bridging the gap (I exclude China that is the largest market by far but with local specificities)

Do you believe there is more or less collaboration between fintechs and financial institutions than there was three years ago? Please comment or give examples if you are able to.

There is more appetite to collaborate but very limited real initiatives and nothing at scale.

Tech entrepreneurs now seem to be held in the same esteem as movie and music starts, who is the most impressive you’ve met or seen and why?

The CEO of Adyen. Focused on his business, no bullshit, profitable, very large scale and still fast growth.

On a scale of 1-4 score the following technologies based upon their potential to transform the financial services industry:

2 – Blockchain | 2 – Artificial Intelligence | 2 – IoT | 3 – Cloud | 1 – Mobile Internet

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