Bankers as Buyers 2017

The 14th annual report brings you insights from leading industry analysts, banking consultants and financial technology professionals on the latest technology and services bankers are buying in 2017.

“Bankers will continue to feel the pressure in 2017 from non-traditional, fintech competitors; a move to a rising interest rate environment; regulation that may loosen a little; and the need to embrace technology to compete effectively. As the high tech need goes higher, some FIs are implementing new strategies for addressing their needs. In addition to working with their mission-critical technology providers and developing applications in-house, banks are partnering with and or buying fintech companies; or participating in labs/incubators. A central theme is the development of products and services that attract, engage and retain customers. Smaller financial institutions are looking for partnerships for various aspects of regtech in order to keep up with the evolving regulatory, compliance and security challenges.”


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