Start-Up: Kompany

Company: Kompany

Year launched: 2012


Management Team: Russell E Perry CEO, Johanna Konrad CSO, Peter Bainbridge-Clayton CTO, Jorge Rovira CCO, Andrew Bunce HoP 


Number of employees: 25

About kompany

kompany is the world’s leading provider of Business KYC, EDD and UBO Discovery Solutions. Through AI and advanced machine learning we are a living network between government company registers. Our Government licenses provide coverage of +100mn private companies in +150 countries and jurisdictions. Ensuring peace of mind and audit-proof documentary evidence.

How did the idea for the business originate?
The CEO and CTO were having a beer and a glass of wine respectively in a bar in South Africa. They were working in the telecoms industry at the time, lamenting how difficult cross-border business verification was, how a firm could go about creating a solution and then thought – ‘Why don’t we just do it ourselves!’

Do you have customers yet? If not, how far into your business lifecycle are you?

Yes, we service over 45,000 business customers from over 150 countries, from SMEs to large Corporations and Government Agencies.

Currently into our seventh year and pushing for good growth this year.

How have you funded your growth to date?
Inhouse funding in the beginning, followed by private investors.

We are currently fully funded.

What would a successful 2018 look like for you?Since pitching at the Mastercard Start Path; to be accepted and create a successful solution and collaboration with them into the future.

To build more Business KYC solutions like the one we did for Raiffeisen Bank International.

Grow the firm by an additional fifteen people.

Outside of your own business, which start up do you admire the most and why?

Trulioo – because they have redefined the customer KYC process by solving a real-world problem through automation. They use artificial intelligence for client onboarding and verification, and audit proof KYC for individuals.

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