2018 INFOGRAPHIC: PayPal – The Success Story Of The Biggest Online Payment System In The World 2018

PayPal is the single most used eWallet in the world. Judged as the worst business idea back when it was founded in 1998 – the era of checks – PayPal has proved all those critics wrong.

Nowadays, no shopping experience is considered fully satisfying if PayPal isn’t part of it. Take, for example, shopping at TJ Maxx; while TJ Maxx offers high-end fashion at prices of up to 60% off original worth – and this is already more than affordable- when using PayPal services to make a purchase you’ll save on fees as well.

Furthermore, PayPal is among the safest ways to buy eGift cards from numerous brands worldwide, and aside from the safety guarantee, you can also earn extra points on most brands when you pay with PayPal.

To illustrate how much PayPal has grown, you can even find a plethora of Groupon deals concerning payments administrated through PayPal. In fact, there’s always a Groupon discount for all PayPal customers. This proves that PayPal is one of the most appreciated systems in the world of online payment.

This online payment system, although meant to be an alternative online shopping payment system, is becoming the absolute favorite method of doing business. Almost all online merchants accept PayPal payments today. World Market, for instance, is a top-notch furniture store that takes pride in collaborating with PayPal and offering their customers the chance to securely send online payments.

Millions of people are opting for PayPal, and for more than just one reason! In addition to enabling one-click money transactions and ensuring safety when you send your money from one spot on the Earth to another, PayPal comes with thousands of other benefits. Take a look at the infographic below for an in-depth look at how PayPal made it from the bottom to here, as well as what’s in it for you when using it.

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