PIF: UK’s appetite for innovation is driving a “Brexit-Proof” boom in fintech and prepaid

The UK’s passion for innovation means it is now seen as a global leader in the development of financial services that are powered by prepaid technology, according to data released by Prepaid International Forum (PIF).

PIF, the not-for-profit trade body representing the prepaid sector, reports that the percentage of UK adults using tech-based financial services has risen to 42% (up from 14% in 2015).  The UK is at the forefront of this growing market in Europe, ahead of Spain (37%) and Germany (35%).  The UK is third globally to only China (69%) and India (52%).

Fueling this growth in the UK is prepaid, which has become a driving force for the fintech companies who are rapidly transforming the way we pay and get paid.  The prepaid sector in Europe is growing faster than anywhere else in the world (up 18% since 2014 compared to just 6% growth in the US) is now worth $131bn*.

Experts believe that the UK’s passion for innovation may help to offset the potential negative effects of a no-deal Brexit, should UK financial service providers lose its right of automatic access to EU markets.

Diane Brocklebank, spokesperson for PIF, says:

“The UK is a globally significant player in the creation of prepaid-enabled financial services with consumers keen to adopt new and innovative services and a growing industry of experts with the knowledge needed to develop such products and bring them to market.

“In a global sector, the UK stands out as being a key market and one that should retain its prized status even if it loses its financial passporting rights as a result of a no-deal Brexit.”

The UK’s status in prepaid is significant as it is a sector that is growing much faster than other financial services.  In Europe, the 18.6% growth in prepaid since 2014, compares to just 7.8% growth in consumer debit and 5.8% growth in consumer credit markets*.

Diane Brocklebank, continues:

“Prepaid and Fintech are the areas where people looking to invest in financial service businesses are seeing the most potential.  This is being driven by increased dissatisfaction with mainstream financial services and a desire for greater innovation and flexibility, particularly amongst consumers looking for lower costs and fees as well as smartphone accessible products.

“The UK’s status as a global player is therefore crucial to it continuing to be seen as a key market for such investment. To maintain this, it must continue to be a positive environment for innovation with a supportive regulatory environment and strong skills base.”


*Mastercard Global Prepaid Sizing Study 2016

About PIF

The Prepaid International Forum (PIF) is the not-for-profit industry body representing organisations who are regulated under e-money and payment services legislation and who operate in the high-growth prepaid and fintech sectors. Prepaid technology underpins a vast range of financial products, from everyday payment accounts and challenger bank accounts to corporate incentive and expense management solutions. Driven by a belief that prepaid delivers a wealth of financial and social benefits, PIF works to protect and advance prepaid as a driving force for innovation in financial services.

To learn more about PIF visit www.prepaidforum.org and follow us @prepaidintforum

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