Start-Up: Credas

Company: Credas

Year launched: 2017



Number of employees: 18


About Credas:

Credas uses cutting-edge technology to allow businesses to undertake identity and ID document verification checks, incorporating facial recognition and automated document scanning. Our NFC chip reading ensures that the documents are legitimate and belong to the individual you are checking. The Credas process is designed to significantly reduce the time it takes to carry out checks on customers and clients while providing accuracy and security.

How did the idea for the business originate?

A fast, simple and cost-effective way to combine people, processes and technology to greatly improve candidate onboarding within recruitment. We quickly realised there is a much wider market for identity verification. 

Do you have customers yet? If not, how far into your business lifecycle are you?

At time of writing, Credas has over 60 live paying clients across 6 sectors – property, recruitment, legal, accountancy, cryptocurrency and construction.

Credas have created a robust customer pipeline and exciting partnership opportunities – and with our growth strategy in place, we are excited for the future.

How have you funded your growth to date?

We have been are incredibly lucky to have the support and financial backing of Indigo Service Solutions, and with their continued support, look to execute our growth strategy.

What would a successful 2018 look like for you?

Enter numerous new markets and sectors, increase the number of live clients, establish some strong strategic partnerships and through continued product innovation, improve our offering for new and existing clients, and most importantly, continue to offer support to keep our clients safe.

Outside of your own business, which start up do you admire the most and why? 

There are several Welsh start-ups we admire. One of which is Wealthify, who share the same office space as us in Tec Marina, Penarth. Richard Theo their CEO is a serial entrepreneur with proven track record in starting exciting, profitable businesses and we’ve had lots of great advise from him and the team at Welthify who are just moving out of the start up phase and into their next exciting growth period.

We also admire another local Welsh company called Banter Cards. Toni Leigh Hall’s story from starting out working alone in her bedroom in Barry to moving to a unit on Penarth Road, Cardiff with five employees – where they design and print custom made cards, bunting and stationary, has been an great success story, full of grit and determination that really highlights the effort a starft up requires to be successful!

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