Start-Up: ID-Pal

Welcoming ID-Pal to FinTech Connect!

ID-Pal is a frictionless digital ID&V solution that maximises customer acquisition rates across all channels. A customer’s identity and address are thoroughly verified in seconds using a combination of biometric, document and database checks.

ID-Pal is a SaaS solution that can be instantly customised and configured in minutes without any setup fees or development costs.

Year Founded: 2016

How did the idea for the business originate?

ID-Pal was founded by industry practitioners who grew frustrated with the inconvenience and frustration of KYC compliance, for both customers and businesses alike.

The ever-increasing burden of regulation, coupled with the digitisation of the customer onboarding experience has made this the opportune time to provide businesses with a low cost SaaS solution that can be configured and implemented in minutes.

Do you have customers yet? If not, how far into your business lifecycle are you?

ID-Pal is working with Retail Banks, Insurance Companies and Payments Firms as well as Financial Brokers, Accountants and Credit Unions across Ireland, the UK and US. 

Strategic distribution partnerships with Salesforce, Temenos and Corporate One further enhance ID-Pal’s reach and scale worldwide.

How have you funded your growth to date?

ID-Pal has recently closed its most recent funding round after having raised investment from industry investors.

What would a successful year look like for you?

Continued expansion of team and growth across key markets.

Anyone interested in speaking with the ID-Pal team can meet them at FinTech Connect in booth P23, 5-6th December at the ExCeL LondonView the Floorplan, or register now as a free visitor!

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