Start-Up: Quantfolio

Welcoming Quantfolio to FinTech Connect!

Quantfolio enables AI robo advisory for banks and asset managers. We empower banks with turnkey solutions, cost effective technology and AI competency to efficiently provide customers with personalized savings advice. Moreover, we achieve benchmark-beating returns and downside protection through algorithmic investment strategies and Europe’s possibly first macro model built on machine learning. 

Year Founded: 2015

How did the idea for the business originate?

After a successful exit from a Norwegian tech firm my co-founder Helge and me received various offers from investment advisors, but we did not feel that we received good advices. We saw huge opportunities in applying technology and algorithms into the world of investing. We hired machine learning PhDs and spent several years of extensive testing and found that we could beat the market, protect against bear-markets and provide optimized investment advices for individuals.

Do you have customers yet? If not, how far into your business lifecycle are you?

We have built the technology behind the recently launched robo advisor of the Norwegian bank Sbanken, and we have several banks in pilot phases around Europe. Apart from that we provide macro AI, investment strategies and tailored solutions to a range of investment funds, asset managers and family offices across Norway.

How have you funded your growth to date?

We have founded the growth from our own pockets, through an investment from Sbanken and through paying customers.

Outside of your own business, which start up do you admire the most and why?

Individuals that my colleague worked with in challenged parts of Ecuador that turns limited resources and hard work into ideas that one by one empower their fellows and creates opportunities for business to grow, for improved education and for economic development.

On the other side, I admire international or large firms that engage in ethical collaborations with such firms, as it is a crucial factor for economic development.

Anyone interested in speaking with the Quantfolio team can meet them at FinTech Connect in booth P31, 5-6th December at the ExCeL LondonView the Floorplan, or register now as a free visitor!

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