Start-Up: SteelEye

Start-Up Spotlight - SteelEye

Year launched: 2017


Management team: Matt Smith (CEO), Shankar Vasudevan (Co-Founder & CDO), David Haines (Co-Founder)


In no more than 50 words describe what you do: SteelEye is a secure cloud based platform that intelligently consolidates previously dormant data in your organisation; providing you with the ability to fulfil your regulatory obligations today. SteelEye organically gives you powerful insights into your business. Our mission is to empower you to leverage the opportunities presented by your data.


How did the idea for the business originate? We took an Enterprise BIG data solution, opened it, commercialised it, to assist our clients fulfil their regulatory obligations. We realised that many firms have a challenge in consolidating dormant data. We've simplified the burden so that our customers can focus on their core business and let data analytics occur naturally and intelligently…beyond the regulatory requirement.


Do you have customers yet? If not, how far into your business lifecycle are you? Live Customers are in flight with new additions every month.


How have you funded your growth to date? Seed Funding to date.


What would a successful 2018 look like for you? 15++ clients onboarded prepared for MiFID II by January 3rd 2018.


Outside of your own business, which start up do you admire the most and why? (Doesn’t have to be fintech) Slack - the adoption and community built up in such a short time is impressive especially considering they went from 80 to 385 staff in 18 months and still remains sub 1000 as the community and adoption grows.

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