About QuantX 

QuantX is a half-day event curated by Quant Network with an audience of 100 industry professionals from across the fintech and blockchain space. It will bring together bright minds to generate conversations that matter about blockchains adoption and integration into the world and the positive impact interoperability will have. 

This year’s theme will be focused the role of blockchain and interoperability, in creating a Hyper-connected world to enable trusted digital interaction. Helping create a secure digital future to the benefit of all.

QuantX will take place in the North Gallery Rooms 6 & 7 from 13:00 on the 3rd December 2019.

You can register for QuantX or upgrade your existing badge by calling us on +44 (0) 207 368 9750.



Be the first to hear about breaking business news, product launches and exclusive industry announcements, including the latest thinking on disruptive ideas across the fintech ecosystems. 

Expand your knowledge and find solutions to some of blockchain’s biggest issues.

Learn how Overledger will affect various verticals from FinTech to Fisheries.

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Network with financial services and blockchain leaders to share best practice, collaborate and grow valuable partnerships across the entire sector. 

Meet Experts and influencers face-to-face and build relationships with potential strategic partners.


Whether you’re considering blockchain in your enterprise, have a pilot or proof of concept, or have live implementation, you can get a better understanding of how Quant Network’s Overledger can revolutionise your business through real life case studies and demos presented in the conference.