Paddy Beagan

Head of Sales Vesta Europe

Head of Sales for Vesta Europe and have been working in the payment & fraud business for nearly 15 years.

Vesta is a leading FinTech company and the forerunner in guaranteed e-commerce payment solutions. Our scalable solutions enable merchants to eliminate fraud and substantially grow revenue by delivering secure, frictionless transactions that maximize acceptance and improve the customer experience, all backed by a zero-fraud-liability guarantee. Vesta guarantees more than $18 billion a year in CNP transactions for merchants

Masterclasses 2019

12:30 PM Fraud as a revenue opportunity for Payment Service Providers

It is a legitimate question to ask if fraud prevention tools provided as part of a gateway and or acquiring service are perceived as a commodity by merchants, not really differentiating the service offering to the competition or creating any significant incremental revenue streams for the PSP.

The overall risk still sits with the merchant to decide if they are dealing with a good customer or a bad actor, the liability & costs associated with a chargeback, the balancing act between fear of fraud vs the fear of lost revenue and of a good customer that may never return if they are declined because of false positives. While fraud prevention tools can assist the merchant and play a role in risk determination, they don`t have skin in the game.

Vesta truly believe that Fraud is a revenue opportunity for PSPs to generate new, incremental revenue, eliminate fraud & gain market share. In the process they can strengthen their relationships with key customers by enhancing payment approvals without the fear of fraud or associated fraud liability.

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