Ross Sleight

Chief Strategy Officer Somo

Ross is a digital strategist.  He is fascinated by the relationship between the exponential growth of digital technology, the adoption and evolution of customer behaviour and the transformation of business to adapt to these new landscapes. He has spent 25 years immersed in digital as the world has evolved from desktop to social to mobile to AR, VR and AI and beyond.


Ross has been a founding member of six influential digital businesses including Somo, Virgin Games and Tribal DDB. He has helped develop the first digital property for 10 Downing Street and has advised the Department for Culture, Media and Sport on interactive media development. He’s won numerous creative and effectiveness awards for digital strategies and been voted in the top 100 digerati and top 50 in mobile by The Drum for three years.


Today, Ross is Chief Strategy Officer at Somo, a Digital Product Accelerator, advising global brands such as Audi, HSBC and Lloyds Bank on generating product experiences that engage and delight customers and staff.  He is also an advisory board member to start-ups and scale-ups including inploi, yodomo, Molzi and OneQuestion, and Arts organisation Leamington Art in the Park Festival CIC. This allows Ross to apply corporate, cultural and entrepreneurial lenses to digital transformation strategies.

DX Connect: Digital Engagement 2019

2:50 PM Zig when others zag to create significant product differentiation

Every day sees a flood of new feature or product announcements from Fintech Challengers and Incumbents alike, in a never-ending race. Emulation though is rife leading to only minor differentiation and me too experiences. Whilst these digital experiences improve the efficiency and speed for customers, they are essentially repackaging product offerings that haven't changed for decades. In a world of changing working patterns, income and financial needs, how many of these experiences really address fundamental customer needs?  Drawing on proprietary customer research undertaken by Somo, Ross will explore how real differentiation can be accelerated by meeting these fundamental customer needs, rather than simply improving 

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