Sarah Whipp

Chief Marketing Officer Callsign

Sarah Whipp is CMO and Head of GTM Strategy at Callsign which uses biometrics and deep learning technology to power adaptive access control for enterprises and consumers. Callsign’s customer friendly solution enables users get on with their digital lives checked, verified, and safe - with innovative methods such as a swipe on a touchscreen. 

Her career spans 30 years of general business and global marketing leadership for companies such as Fujitsu, McAfee, Symantec, and Standard and Poors.

The remit has been the same in all roles –transform and build marketing into something that delivers measurable value, talks business language and never ever shows a mood board or word cloud. With a background that includes sales; finance, research, IT consultancy and general management, Whipp understands the needs of other departments, customers, and shareholders. She believes passionately that the role of marketing is to understand customer and stakeholder needs, to show how companies can deliver on these needs better than any other, and so drive growth.

FinTech Founders Forum 2019

Tuesday, March 12th, 0019

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