Gareth Gaston

Executive Vice President, Head of Omnichannel & Digital Channels U.S. Bank

Gareth Gaston is executive vice president and head of Omnichannel and digital channels at U.S. Bank. He leads a team that delivers unified customer experiences across business lines and channels. His remit includes everything from mobile apps, websites and digital payments to open banking, developer portals and the banker/advisor digital experience. Under his leadership, U.S. Bank is enhancing its customer experience across channels so U.S. Bank customers see consistent service where ever and whenever they choose to access their accounts.

Gaston joined U.S. Bank in April 2014 and has 23 years of e-commerce and digital experience. Prior to U.S. Bank, he worked primarily in the travel and hospitality industry with worldwide brands including Hilton and the Wyndham Hotel Group, where he was senior vice president for global e-commerce.

Gaston holds a BA Marketing from University of West of Scotland, an Executive MBA from TRIUM an honorary doctorate from University of West of Scotland.

Gaston served on the board of ClearXchange prior to the sale to Early Warning Service (EWS). Gaston chairs the real time payments advisory board for EWS.

A native of Scotland and former officer in the British Army Reserves, Gaston’s career has placed him in numerous cities around the world, including San Francisco where he lives today.