Robin Leidenthal

Senior Director, Global Payment Partnerships eBay

Robin Leidenthal leads the Global Payment Partner team at eBay responsible for developing and managing eBay relationships with the card brands, other forms of payment, processors and sponsor banks. In addition, Robin represents eBay through industry groups such as the Electronica Transaction Association and others. Prior to joining eBay, Robin led the Visa US Acquiring Sales team and the Acquirer Processor Sales team, expanding Visa payment solutions to traditional and emerging payment partners. Robin has held executive roles in payments at Intuit, PayPal and Wells Fargo. Robin deeply understands emerging acquiring models such Payment Facilitators and Marketplaces, as well as traditional SMB and large merchant card not present acceptance. Robin has extensive global expansion experience, having built and managed large international teams and establishing global partner relationships. Robin's diverse experience from large banks to early, disruptive fin tech start-ups such as PayPal provide for a unique perspective to enabling new and traditional acceptance models.