Toronto is a tech capital of the world!

It is where modern AI was founded, and it continues to drive innovation for start-ups, scale ups and incumbents.

Since 2017 Toronto has added more technology jobs than the Bay Area; Washington, D.C.; New York City; and Seattle combined*. The FinTech ecosystem is playing a central part to this tech revolution.


FinTech is big here….

  • Toronto is the second largest financial centre in North America and sits in the 3rd largest technology cluster in the continent.
  • Investments for FinTech startups in the Toronto region have grown to $221 million over 25 deals in 2018.
  • Toronto is a top 10 global fintech hub and at current trends that figure will continue to rise.
  • Toronto has become the place to do deals, build partnerships and evangelise the opportunities provided by the rise of FinTech. The perfect location for FinTech Connect to launch its first show outside of Europe!