Bitcoin Carnivores: Get the fintech diet everyone is talking about

Hit me with the pith of the issue. What do you get when you combine FinTech, a meat-only diet and a penchant for conspiracies?


Err… That’s right! You get the Bitcoin carnivore.


That doesn’t sound particularly healthy, physically or financially. The Bitcoin carnivore would disagree with you.


Would a nutritionist? No, they would agree with you.


Well, what do nutritionists know anyway… how do you become a Bitcoin carnivore? It’s simple really, use only Bitcoin; eat only meat.


So it’s not a particularly nuanced way of life? Possibly not. But, as Bitcoin carnivore enthusiast Michael Goldstein says, “Bitcoin is a revolt against fiat money, and an all-meat diet is a revolt against fiat food.” Nuance isn’t on the agenda.


A revolt, eh? This Bitcoin carnivory sounds rather combative. And yet there is a spiritual side to Bitcoin carnivory. The website Bitcoin Carnivory – which funnily enough sells only Bitcoin and steak – espouses that “there is nothing better for the mind or the body than premium Angus beef.” 


Nothing? Nothing.

Absolutely Nothing?! That’s right, nothing. And the movement has gained traction amongst academics too.


Academics? Well, an academic. Ammous Saifedean, a professor of economics at the Lebanese American University.


Well if an academic said it was fine… To quote: “the people who tell you to eat your 6-10 portions of indigestible toxic grains a day ‘for a healthy and balanced diet’ are the same kind of people who tell you central banks have to determine interest rates for a modern economy to function.”



I’m not so sure Gillian McKeith and the Governor of the Bank of England are the “same kind of people.” No, they’re very different kinds of people.


So, what does Gillian McKeith make of all this Bitcoin carnivory? We couldn’t get in contact with her. You could guess Bitcoin carnivory doesn’t fit directly into the grooves of McKeith’s value set, however.


And, the Governor of the… See above.


But what’s the big idea? Why the meat; why the decentralised ledger; why now? Well, it’s all about harking back to a better time. Remember when Stone Age parents didn’t force their kids to eat vegetables?


The good old days. And remember when the Stone Age powers that be couldn’t devalue your wealth by printing more money?


A golden age. Well, apparently the Bitcoin carnivore mantra can plunge your life back to the good old days of the golden age.


Will it catch on? If the longevity of life isn’t crippled by the lack of fruit and vegetables, anything could happen.


The age of man is over. The age of the Bitcoin carnivore has begun. 


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