Startup Spotlight: OKTO

Name: OKTO

Management/Leadership team:

Filippos Antonopoulos: Founder & Executive Chairman

Konstantinos Kanavos: Chief Executive Officer

John Zacharakis: Chief Technology Officer

John Platykostopoulos: Finance Director

Vasilis Zoupas: Product & Business Development Director

Simon Dorsen: Director of Gaming


Founded (Date & Location): 2017, Athens, Greece


Describe your business:

We’re a fintech firm at heart, specializing in digital payment solutions. Our bespoke 360 cashless payment environment is designed for the mobile world, connecting online and retail platforms through smartphone technology, encompassing digital banking, mobile payment and retail solutions, as well as cash-based gaming.


Why did you choose FinTech Connect?:

Without a doubt, Fintech Connect is considered to be Europe’s leading full ecosystem fintech conference and the ideal environment to stay ahead of the latest developments in the industry.


Do you have customers yet? If not, how far into your business lifecycle are you?

OKTO is already providing payment services across multiple industry sectors, while maintaining its own B2C brand in Greece, holding 30% of national market share (, as well as boasting strategic partnerships with Vermantia, Vodafone, Playstation and Xbox.


What's your 'origin story'?

OKTO was founded with the vision of revolutionising the retail experience. We want to make payments faster, simpler and more secure in an omnichannel environment. Our bespoke 360 cashless payment environment is designed for the mobile world, connecting online and retail platforms through smartphone technology.


Where and how do you differentiate yourselves against the growing FinTech start-up demographic?

Our ability to address and target the specific needs of multiple industries in bringing customers into the digital arena is what gives us a competitive edge. Take the gaming sector for example, our solutions have been refined and tailored to help operators introduce innovative mobile payment methods without leaving behind customers that prefer to transact in traditional ways. By connecting online and retail environments we help businesses optimise payment acceptance with cost efficiency, ease of use and convenience.


Who do you admire most as a business (in or outside of the start-up world)?

We are inspired by great products that can tackle modern-era needs. No matter the industry, the rapid pace of technological advancements and changing consumer habits will always give way to new challenges for businesses. The start-ups that address those challenges head on are the ones that come out on top and become fully established in often crowded marketplaces.

What are your predictions for the next 18 months in FinTech?

It’s difficult to predict as the FinTech sector, perhaps more than any, is constantly evolving and advancing. We ardently believe that mobile is the key element of the modern-day customer experience and a catalyst for disruption in all industries. It’s likely we will see the introduction of PSD2 in Europe, legislation that unlocks a lot of opportunity for new players in payments, start to bear fruit as businesses that have emerged as a result of the reforms become more established.


What are your goals for the next 18 months?

Our goal is to continue building on our fantastic success and momentum so far, expanding our network and continuing to refine our product in collaboration with our partners. Within 18 months we aim to have built country-specific eco-systems that can be used in a full omnichannel environment.


What is your greatest achievement as business thus far?

We’ve already processed transactions totaling close to €1 billion, while directly operating an established network of 5,000 points of sale across jurisdictions, which we’re very proud of. Our driving goal is to create products that meet the needs of customers and engage users in a mobile-first environment – there is a lot to be said for that. OKTO’s biggest achievement so far is its concepts: we take users on a journey that not only offers seamless payments, but also additional loyalty and engagement services that transform the transaction process.


Why should our community come and meet you at the show?

Because we offer a truly revolutionized retail experience. The new generation of customer and retail operator demands a quick and seamless payments journey available for every channel. Our commercial team will be demonstrating how the company’s mobile-centric payment solutions can reduce transaction costs, speed up the flow of payments and deliver a better customer experience. Visit us to find out more!


Register for FinTech Connect on 3–4 December at ExCeL, London.