Startup Spotlight: Dateio

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Name: Dateio
Twitter Handle: @DateioFintech
Management/Leadership team: Ivan Dovica, COO & Co-founder
Founded (Date & Location): 2013, Prague (Czech Republic)
Describe your business:
We are helping financial institutions to reveal information hidden in payment data. Our transactional data enrichment services provide information about merchant name, logo, address, GPS coordinates, Tag/category for approx 90% of all transactions. Such data allow financial institutions to improve UX, risk scoring models, bring opportunity for cross-selling, and generate deep insights into payment behaviour of clients.

On certain markets, we run Card Linked Marketing platform (based on enriched data) to bring extra value for clients of partner banks.

Why did you choose FinTech Connect?:
The big and modern format of the conference on the market where we want to be attending conferences.

Do you have customers yet? If not, how far into your business lifecycle are you?
Yes, we cooperate with 13 financial institutions at the moment.
How have you funded your growth to date?
We have investors.
Where and how do you differentiate yourselves against the growing FinTech start-up demographic?
We differentiate by a significantly higher quality of the service (higher data coverage, and more information). We believe that in case of our service, higher quality opens totally new use cases for banks.
What's been your greatest challenge in growth to date?
So far, the most recent challenge is always the biggest. :) Currently, it is to speed up our international growth.
What is your advice to people seeking to kickstart their own business?
Start as soon as possible and do not give up easily.
Who do you admire most as a business (in or outside of the start-up world)?
Google. Since they started until now.
What are your predictions for the next 18 months in FinTech?
Further growth of fintechs in size and number. The gap between traditional banks and startups will grow. First major failures are also to come, but probably later.
What are your goals for the next 18 months?
Grow, grow, grow. And also bring some new features/products to the market.
What is your greatest achievement as business thus far?
Signing the first client bank.
Why should our community come and meet you at the show?
We focus on one small, but very important, piece of banks needs for the future and we try to do it as good as possible. I believe that true value in "data world" comes from details.


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