FinTech Connect 2019 Blog

By: Kai Nicol-Schwarz, Content Manager, FinTech Connect

Strong Customer Authentication: Disturbing the Waterlilies of Frictionless Authentication

On 14th September, Strong Customer Authentication enters the financial canon. It’s left merchant and payment institutions scrambling to find ways to pacify the ripples of regulation. In the midst of prodigal sons and pillars of authentication, how can the powers that be ensure the waterlilies of frictionless authentication are left undisturbed? 

By: Kai Nicol-Schwarz, Content Manager, FinTech Connect

FinTech Connects with...Ed Adshead-Grant, Bottomline Technologies

"Some of the more inventive uses of Open Banking, which we have not seen or thought of yet, will start to emerge in 2019. The backbone of Open Banking will support the NPA changes ahead, where everything is assumed to be real time and accessible at any time from any device."

By: Laurence Coldicott, Senior Content Director at FinTech Connect.

Championing Women in FinTech

Fintech is full of inspiring women. Strong leaders, who have had the tenacity to succeed and challenge the status quo.

We have the honour of having a number of these incredible fintech leaders on the FinTech Connect Advisory board, supporting and advising on the development of this year’s agenda.

In this article for International Women's Day, I would like to showcase three of them:

By: Laurence Coldicott, Senior Content Director at FinTech Connect.

Welcome to Blockchain Connect: Lory Kehoe, Managing Director, ConsenSys

Lory is a Managing Director with ConsenSys and leads ConsenSys Ireland. ConsenSys is a global technology company, building the infrastructure and applications to help corporates and governments harness the power of blockchain technology.

This week, Laurence Coldicott sat down to discuss Lory’s role at Blockchain Connect, and the state of play for blockchain in 2019.

Modernising Markets with Securitize CEO, Carlos Domingo

I became interested in blockchain as a platform for improving traditional financial markets very early on. When we founded SPiCE VC, a tokenized VC fund, we knew we were developing an application for blockchain technology that could transform global markets in a way that would make them better for everyone.

The Case for FinTech in Northern Ireland

Over the past 12 years, Northern Ireland has been establishing a reputation as a global hub for fintech, regtech and cyber. The region offers a combination of great infrastructure, competitive costs and supportive administration but above all a talented, well educated workforce with a superb work ethic. 

By: Laurence Coldicott, Senior Content Director at FinTech Connect.

GAFA and Banking – He Who Dares Wins


Over the past 15 years the GAFA group (Google, Apple, Facebook, Amazon) of companies have dominated the consumer domain, creating digital engagement across multiple verticals and touchpoints.

Central to this has been a customer first philosophy, delivering relentless value. As they enter the world of banking and fintech; let’s take a look at the potential impact they could have

By: Kai Nicol-Schwarz, Content Manager, FinTech Connect

FinTech Minotaurs: How Financial Technology and Greek mythology are inextricably linked


Excuse me? That’s right! Splice together finance, technology, the body of a man and the head of a bull, and you get yourself a FinTech Minotaur.