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By: Laurence Coldicott, Senior Content Director, FinTech Connect

Why is London So Suited To Fintech

Over the past few months the news has been dominated by the B word. We have witnessed a political stalemate that has embarrassed a country previously known for its economic pragmatism. But, all is not lost. The fintech industry in London has continued to show record levels of investment and growth; being driven since the start of the year by positive news coming out of the key players including OakNorth, Monzo and Nutmeg.

By: Kai Nicol-Schwarz, Content Manager, FinTech Connect

The Fintech Dictionary

You don’t want your mates Nan dropping the term “distributed ledger technology” into conversation, only to be left staring dimly out the window whilst you attempt to untangle the word from the rest of the vocabulary your brain has filed as “unnecessary in layman’s society.” To avoid you the embarrassment, here’s a catalogue of the fintech canon.

By: Kai Nicol-Schwarz, Content Manager, FinTech Connect

The FinTech Style Guide: Payment Wearables

Cash is so last century. The future is paying for your latte macchiato with your wedding ring/bracelet/shirt cuff. The future is thrusting your finger/wrist/wrist in the direction of the startled cashier, when he/she blithely asks you if you would like to pay through cash or card. The future is here, you could be wearing it.

By: Laurence Coldicott, Senior Content Director, FinTech Connect

The Fintech Glass Ceiling – Why are we Still Here?

A quick run through of the founders of companies selected for the FinTech 50 reveals 118 men, and just six women. That’s just over 5%. The figures around fintech’s gender imbalance are frankly staggering! Fintech in short has a gender diversity problem.

By: Kai Nicol-Schwarz, Content Manager, FinTech Connect

Creative uses of blockchain are around, if you know where to look

It’s been just over a decade since Satoshi Nakamoto – or at least the animal, mineral or vegetable that the name represents – conceptualised the first blockchain. And, whilst the forums of FinTech are alive with talk of blockchain, you could be forgiven for suggesting that real world application is currently at a premium. But alas, creative blockchain use is all around, if you know where to look.

By: Laurence Coldicott, Senior Content Director, FinTech Connect

Asia Leads the Way in Fintech Innovation

Asia looks to be fighting it out with Europe and North America for dominance of the fintech market. China and India both have the ecosystems, demographics and tech based foundations, to make a huge play in this space. Here’s why.

By: Kai Nicol-Schwarz, Content Manager, FinTech Connect

Bitcoin Carnivores: Get the fintech diet everyone is talking about

"The 20th century was disastrous for human health and wealth, and the rise of central banking and industrial food was clearly a major reason why. Bitcoin is a revolt against fiat money, and an all-meat diet is a revolt against fiat food.” Michael Goldstein, Bitcoin carnivore enthusiast.

By: Laurence Coldicott, Senior Content Director, FinTech Connect.

Fintech for Good – OakNorth show the Incumbents how it’s done

OakNorth is one of the more well-known of a number of new British fintechs that have attracted both investors and customers in the past few years. There has been a huge buzz around several other British fintechs - though, as the figures show, OakNorth has led the way in putting together a sustainable business model, as well as making efforts to use fintech 'for good'. 

By: Kai Nicol-Schwarz, Content Manager, FinTech Connect

The (Payment) War of Succession

Cash has died without a clear heir. Whilst plastic is acting regent the noble families of the alternative payment landscape battle for the crown of commerce. The mobile wallet, Open Banking and cryptocurrency have the strongest claims, and in the melee of technological advance, one will emerge victorious. 

By: Kai Nicol-Schwarz, Content Manager, FinTech Connect

Strong Customer Authentication: Disturbing the Waterlilies of Frictionless Authentication

On 14th September, Strong Customer Authentication enters the financial canon. It’s left merchant and payment institutions scrambling to find ways to pacify the ripples of regulation. In the midst of prodigal sons and pillars of authentication, how can the powers that be ensure the waterlilies of frictionless authentication are left undisturbed? 

By: Kai Nicol-Schwarz, Content Manager, FinTech Connect

FinTech Minotaurs: How Financial Technology and Greek mythology are inextricably linked

Excuse me? That’s right! Splice together finance, technology, the body of a man and the head of a bull, and you get yourself a FinTech Minotaur.

By: Laurence Coldicott, Senior Content Director at FinTech Connect.

GAFA and Banking – He Who Dares Wins

Over the past 15 years the GAFA group (Google, Apple, Facebook, Amazon) of companies have dominated the consumer domain, creating digital engagement across multiple verticals and touchpoints.

Central to this has been a customer first philosophy, delivering relentless value. As they enter the world of banking and fintech; let’s take a look at the potential impact they could have

The Case for FinTech in Northern Ireland

Over the past 12 years, Northern Ireland has been establishing a reputation as a global hub for fintech, regtech and cyber. The region offers a combination of great infrastructure, competitive costs and supportive administration but above all a talented, well educated workforce with a superb work ethic.