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By: Kai Nicol-Schwarz, Content Manager, FinTech Connect

The Fintech Dictionary

You don’t want your mates Nan dropping the term “distributed ledger technology” into conversation, only to be left staring dimly out the window whilst you attempt to untangle the word from the rest of the vocabulary your brain has filed as “unnecessary in layman’s society.” To avoid you the embarrassment, here’s a catalogue of the fintech canon.

By: Kai Nicol-Schwarz, Content Manager, FinTech Connect

Creative uses of blockchain are around, if you know where to look

It’s been just over a decade since Satoshi Nakamoto – or at least the animal, mineral or vegetable that the name represents – conceptualised the first blockchain. And, whilst the forums of FinTech are alive with talk of blockchain, you could be forgiven for suggesting that real world application is currently at a premium. But alas, creative blockchain use is all around, if you know where to look.

By: Kai Nicol-Schwarz, Content Manager, FinTech Connect

Bitcoin Carnivores: Get the fintech diet everyone is talking about

"The 20th century was disastrous for human health and wealth, and the rise of central banking and industrial food was clearly a major reason why. Bitcoin is a revolt against fiat money, and an all-meat diet is a revolt against fiat food.” Michael Goldstein, Bitcoin carnivore enthusiast.

By: Laurence Coldicott, Senior Content Director, FinTech Connect.

FinTech Connect Advisory Board Roundup

Over the course of a day, 4 closed-door meetings took place addressing the key themes of the agenda this year; Digital Transformation, PayTech, RegTech and Blockchain. Over 50 leaders were in attendance, with award for furthest distance travelled specially to attend going to Oli Harris, Head of Crypto-Assets Strategy & Quorum, JP Morgan

By: Laurence Coldicott, Senior Content Director at FinTech Connect.

Championing Women in FinTech

Fintech is full of inspiring women. Strong leaders, who have had the tenacity to succeed and challenge the status quo.

We have the honour of having a number of these incredible fintech leaders on the FinTech Connect Advisory board, supporting and advising on the development of this year’s agenda.

In this article for International Women's Day, I would like to showcase three of them:

By: Laurence Coldicott, Senior Content Director at FinTech Connect.

Welcome to Blockchain Connect: Lory Kehoe, Managing Director, ConsenSys

Lory is a Managing Director with ConsenSys and leads ConsenSys Ireland. ConsenSys is a global technology company, building the infrastructure and applications to help corporates and governments harness the power of blockchain technology.

This week, Laurence Coldicott sat down to discuss Lory’s role at Blockchain Connect, and the state of play for blockchain in 2019.

Modernising Markets with Securitize CEO, Carlos Domingo

I became interested in blockchain as a platform for improving traditional financial markets very early on. When we founded SPiCE VC, a tokenized VC fund, we knew we were developing an application for blockchain technology that could transform global markets in a way that would make them better for everyone.