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By: Laurence Coldicott, Senior Content Director, FinTech Connect

The Fintech Glass Ceiling – Why are we Still Here?

A quick run through of the founders of companies selected for the FinTech 50 reveals 118 men, and just six women. That’s just over 5%. The figures around fintech’s gender imbalance are frankly staggering! Fintech in short has a gender diversity problem.

By: Laurence Coldicott, Senior Content Director, FinTech Connect.

FinTech Connect Advisory Board Roundup

Over the course of a day, 4 closed-door meetings took place addressing the key themes of the agenda this year; Digital Transformation, PayTech, RegTech and Blockchain. Over 50 leaders were in attendance, with award for furthest distance travelled specially to attend going to Oli Harris, Head of Crypto-Assets Strategy & Quorum, JP Morgan

By: Laurence Coldicott, Senior Content Director, FinTech Connect.

Fintech for Good – OakNorth show the Incumbents how it’s done

OakNorth is one of the more well-known of a number of new British fintechs that have attracted both investors and customers in the past few years. There has been a huge buzz around several other British fintechs - though, as the figures show, OakNorth has led the way in putting together a sustainable business model, as well as making efforts to use fintech 'for good'. 

By: Laurence Coldicott, Senior Content Director at FinTech Connect.

Championing Women in FinTech

Fintech is full of inspiring women. Strong leaders, who have had the tenacity to succeed and challenge the status quo.

We have the honour of having a number of these incredible fintech leaders on the FinTech Connect Advisory board, supporting and advising on the development of this year’s agenda.

In this article for International Women's Day, I would like to showcase three of them:

By: Kai Nicol-Schwarz, Content Manager, FinTech Connect

FinTech Minotaurs: How Financial Technology and Greek mythology are inextricably linked

Excuse me? That’s right! Splice together finance, technology, the body of a man and the head of a bull, and you get yourself a FinTech Minotaur.

By: Laurence Coldicott, Senior Content Director at FinTech Connect.

GAFA and Banking – He Who Dares Wins

Over the past 15 years the GAFA group (Google, Apple, Facebook, Amazon) of companies have dominated the consumer domain, creating digital engagement across multiple verticals and touchpoints.

Central to this has been a customer first philosophy, delivering relentless value. As they enter the world of banking and fintech; let’s take a look at the potential impact they could have

The Case for FinTech in Northern Ireland

Over the past 12 years, Northern Ireland has been establishing a reputation as a global hub for fintech, regtech and cyber. The region offers a combination of great infrastructure, competitive costs and supportive administration but above all a talented, well educated workforce with a superb work ethic.